Chopper 6: A Bullet in Time Saves Nine


‘I’ve known a hundred good street fighters and a thousand not so good ones. But in a lifetime I’ve met only a handful of freak street fighters, the best of the best. They all died young. The freaks always do.’

For more than 25 years Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read preyed on Australia’s underbelly. Chopper was the criminal all other criminals feared, a toecutter who extorted protection money from rich drug dealers while holding them at gunpoint. An ex-convict, rapper and bestselling author, Chopper is one of Australia’s most controversial public figures.

In No Tears for a Tough Guy, Chopper once again presents a selection of his short stories featuring his trademark style and the authenticity that only comes from real life experience.

Featuring his stories ‘A Great Day for a Shoot ’em Up’, ‘Taking Care of Business’ and ‘No Tears for a Tough Guy’, this collection gives an even greater insight into the mind of the most infamous criminal in Australia.

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