Underbelly: Squizzy


The name Squizzy Taylor will go down in history. Long before Gangitano, Moran, Trimbole and Williams hit the headlines, Squizzy was the most infamous crime tzar Australia had ever seen.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for money, power and fame, Squizzy ruled it all and played the game like no other- courting the press, entertaining the masses and baffling the police. And he would do anything to stay on top- betraying or extinguishing anyone who stood in his way.

Loved by women, feared by men, Squizzy was master manipulator… and his legend lives bold and strong in the pantheon of Underbelly anti-heroes.

Now watch in awe as Sqizzy comes to life in this shocking, glittering and adrenalin-fuelled series that takes the world of Underbelly to a whole new era.

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